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Dust Mites And Cuddly Toys by Julie Rosa

Most of us at one time in our lives have experienced that favorite plush toy we liked to fall asleep with. Some people still do! Did you know dust mites like to hide in these toys? So very small, yet they could cause big trouble for many babies and youngsters. Your kids or baby could be sneezing, stuffed up or have other allergy symptoms. You may wonder, "Where is this reaction coming from?" Whether there is a reaction or not, we must change the sheets on their beds which keeps mites away. We should also kill the mites on plush toys. They are not healthy to keep around as pets. Freeze Them Out There's a simple all natural solution. Once every seven days, place the stuffed toy right into a plastic bag or paper bag inside the freezer overnight. Next morning, you will have a very cold animal, but the dust mites will be no more. CAUTION: If you have a sensitive child who believes his / her animal or doll is alive, please do this without them finding out. They might not like the idea of "Lucy" or "Bear" spending time freezing their fluff off. If your youngster cannot sleep without this toy, you might like to perform this in the daytime. When you have any challenges that need an all natural solution, don't hesitate to email me. I will do my best to find one that'll be easy to carry out. Enjoy a more natural life.

This article was published on Monday 31 October, 2011.
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